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-Variety of salads, creams, cheeses and hot entrees.

Second course
-Variety of dishes, chef's choice.

At least 2 people for degustation menu.

 1- Tabule (Tomato, parsley and onion).    
 2- Califa's salad (endive, mango and dates).    
 3- Califa's dish (Combined dish of various entrees and fried potatoes).    
 4- Potato salad (Potatoes, carrots, onion, tomato and parsley).    
 5- Labna (Yoghourt cream with olive oil, tomato and onion).    
 6- Schanklis (Goat cheese with thyme).    
 7- Humus (Chickpea cream with sesame sauce).    
 8- Babaganuch (Baked aubergines with sesame sauce).    
 9- Carrot cream, garlic, olive oil and cumin.    
Hot entrees    
10- Falafel (Fried chickpea spiced balls).    
11- Ful (Lemon flavored boiled broad beans).    
12- Warakarish (Vine leaves filled with spiced rice).    
13- Harira (Moroccan typical soup).    
Hot dishes    
Hot dishes    
14- Kebba (Wheat dough filled with minced meat and almonds).    
15- Musakaa (Baked minced meat, aubergine, chickpeas, onion, cheese and tomato).    
16- Vegetable Musakaa (Aubergine, tomato, green and red pepper, chickpeas, rice).    
17- Samki Harra (typical lebanese fish), Baked Dorada al horno with sesame sauce, potatoes and dried fruit).    
18- Baked chicken thighs with cream and potatoes.    
Barbecued meal    
17- Shishtawook (Chicken brochette, 2 units).    
18- Shishtika (Lamb brochette, 2 units).    
19- Shishkabab (Minced meat brochette, 2 units).    
Combined dishes    
20- Mashawi (Chicken, lamb and minced meat brochettes, 3 units).    
21- Couscous (Wheat semolina con vegetables, chickpeas, lamb or chicken).    
22- Vegetable Couscous (Wheat semolina con vegetables, chickpeas and raisins).    
23- Tayin (Lamb meat with raisins, plum and onion).    
24- Pastela magrebi (puff pastry filled with eggs, dried fruit, cinnamon and chicken).    
Special dishes (order & take away)    
25- Spicy fish    
26- Stuffed lamb    
Wine list    
Red wine    
- Spanish wine Rioja, Último joven 100% tempranillo.    
- Spanish wine Rioja, Último crianza 100% tempranillo. 18 months aging.    
- Spanish wine La Mancha, Crianza Viña Orce. Aging.    
- Spanish wine La Mancha, Reserva selección Martínez Sáez.    
- Spanish wine Navarra, Zaldiko tinto. Tempranillo 80%, merlot 20%.    
- Lebanese red wine.    
White wine    
- Spanish wine Rueda. Fresh and fruity.    
Rosé wine    
- Spanish wine Cigales. Fruit scent.    
- Coke    
- Diet Coke.    
- Schweppes Lemon (sparkling drink).    
- Schweppes Orange (sparkling drink).    
- Sprite.    
- Juices and still mineral water    
- Double.    
- 1/3 litre.    
- Sans Alcohol.    
- Beer jug.    
- Sangria jug.    
- Pacharán (sloe gin).    
- Apple liquor.    
- Peach liquor.    
- Coffee liquor.    
Whiskies and combined drinks    
- J&B.    
- White Label.    
- Four Rouses (Bourbon).    
- Cutty Shark.    
- DYC.    
Combined drinks    
- Local spirit + refreshment.    
- Import spirit + refreshment.    
- Martini (Bianco and Rosso).    
- Anis Castellana (anisette).    
- Cognac Magno (brandy).    
Teas, typical cofees and sishas    
Flavored teas    
- Almond, cherry, cinnamon, cardamom, raspberry, cold with lemon, country fruit, strawberry, jasmine, lemon, mango, apple, apple & cinnamon, thousand flowers, cream, pear, pineapple, pineapple and coconut, liquorice, vanilla.    
Typical teas    
- Green, green-mint, black, black-mint, rose water, orange blossom water, pine nut.    
Cold teas    
- Lemon, peach and tutti frutti.    
- Mint-pennyroyal    
- Camomile tea    
- Mint    
- Black cofee    
- White coffee    
- Descaffeinated coffee    
Sisha or hookah    
- Smoking pipe with water, fruit and honney flavored.    

Restaurante EL Califa
 C/Trujillos 3 , Madrid
 Tlfn: 91-5599360

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Menu November 2006. Prices can differ from this list if not updated.